1. M

    00A - Oregon State Radio Project - Tower Reports

    00A - Oregon State Radio Project - Tower Reports Quick Pro96com Site Logs from September,2022 ____________________________________________________________________________ -TowerInfo - (Bear Mtn - Lane, OR) System ID : 00A WACN : 9254A Tower Number (Decimal): 11-11...
  2. dimsone503

    PPD Dispatch channels just beep

    Am I new to radio? - Yes, however I believe I have a good handle on it. - I'm a nerd. - I bought an SDS-100, its great, I love it. - Police and Fire chatter is my favorite channels to surf - I use the Sentinel software, seems pretty straight forward. I've been programming the scanner with...
  3. K

    Radio location possible with multiple RTL-SDR's?

    I have a thought I want to throw out here. I am wondering how difficult it would be for a group of us to use RTL-SDR’s to receive signals from our various locations and upload the signal strength to a web site that would analyze and map transmitter locations in near real-time. It would be...
  4. K

    Redmond PD Dispatch 1, not encrypted

    While home for lunch, I turned on the scanner and am hearing Redmond PD Dispatch 1 not encrypted. One could hope that common sense has prevailed and the rest will follow. Fingers crossed....
  5. K

    Central Oregon NXDN?

    I have recently upgraded my Uniden BCDx36HP scanners to the new NXDN offering. It seems to work quite well, but I am not seeing much activity here in Central Oregon. I have located one NXDN trunked system which so far has a grand total of two talk groups. I am just wondering if anyone is...
  6. K

    New federal P25 system in Central Oregon

    I ran across a new P25 system this morning. According to the NAC list here on RR, it belongs to the US Border Patrol but could possibly be used by others. From the few puzzle pieces I found, it may be used for interoperability with state and local agencies. I have rather poor reception at my...
  7. K

    Central Oregon MPT-1327 system help needed

    I have been trying to figure out an MPT-1327 system that can be heard in Central Oregon. A search of the FCC database shows no licenses on these frequencies anywhere in Oregon so I am hoping someone can help me figure this system out. I am using TrunkView to monitor the two control channels I...
  8. K

    Which Oregon law enforcement agencies encrypt everything?

    With Deschutes County and city Law Enforcement now encrypting all radio communications including routine traffic, I am wondering who else is doing the same thing. I believe Eugene and Lane County are. Are there any others?
  9. K

    Deschutes County P25 System Testing

    I thought that I had heard what sounded like digital on the Redmond TG last night, and this morning I heard a brief conversation in analog on the same Redmond TG saying "good luck with the radio today".. That sparked my curiosity and found that there is definitely a new P25 control channel on...
  10. A

    Clackamas county Sheriff & Fire Phase II Upgrade Encryption question

    I was hoping to create a broadcastify feed for Clackamas County fire and in the future the Law enforcement side in the next month or so. I have been discussing the upgrade of CCOM system with a knowledgeable source in preparation of creating the feed. This person stated that CCOM and...
  11. K

    Oregon Radio Project - Yamhill heard in Central OR

    It may just be more testing, but McMinnville and Yamhill agencies are now being heard on the Oregon Radio Project P25 system in Central Oregon from the Powell Butte location (site 24). Control channel is 769.45625 Interesting while it lasts anyway. The links have been up for a couple of days...
  12. G

    portland Oregon p25 systems?

    just wondering if portland/mult county is even really using p25 yet?? i have free scann to program it.and their is a listing for it. i uploaded it to my scanner.seems to get a lot of the departments. but sometimes it seems some channels miss some of the transmission at the beginning. is their a...
  13. D

    anything about a pro-47

    I just bought my first scanner of any sort. It's a "Realistic Patrolman Scanner Receiver", Pro-47. I'm looking for any information I can get about it. Especially about... ----Antennas ----Crystals ----Where to get crystals and antennas Thanks! Jonathan
  14. E


    would anybody happen to know the main frequencies for the oregon fib and/or dhs. thanks
  15. E

    West Linn Fire and Rescue

    Hello I was wondering what live feed would be the best for my city.( West Linn) Would it be Washington County Fire and rescue because it includes west linn in the details feed on broadcastify website, clackamas county fire and rescue, because west linn is located in clackamas county, or lake...
  16. E

    Types of scanners

    Hello I was wondering what the best type of scanner is for my area. I live in West Linn Oregon and I want to be able to have a scanner that can listen to my cities police department. But i'm not sure what you call the type of scanner that can listen to what I think are called talk groups. From...
  17. Bowlieweekender

    Prineville anyone?

    I just moved to Prineville Any other scanner operators in town care to share their knowledge with me? The FCC database is very light regarding Crook County and Prineville allocations. Thanks in advance Cheers Nigel
  18. C

    Newbie questions about P25 mixed system?

    Hello all, first post here, let me start off by saying thank you for having a reference point like this for rookies like me, this is my first digital trunking scanner (bcd396xt) and ive been pouring through posts online, as well as manuals to try and grasp all this information. To my question...
  19. B

    PRO-668 Not receiving digital

    I purchased the RS PRO-668 a few days ago and have not been able to receive any digital systems. First thing I did was entering my zip code (97322) and it populated just fine. It loaded the SW7 talk group but I noticed a few missing freq, So I updated everything using software preloaded on the...
  20. KeepOregonWeird

    Uniden bc346xt help finding Oregon frequencies

    hello I have not had a scammer in 15 years and it has become a little bit more complicated. I have figured most of the programming out but I cannot listen to my local police department like Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood, King City and Beaverton. I have been told to put in South cities ID tag but no...