output power

  1. R

    Icom IC-F5021 35W output instead of 50W

    Hi folks. I picked up an F5021 that seems in good shape, other than the output power appears to be limited to 35W rather than 50W. Anyone know what would cause that problem, and what might the troubleshooting steps be? I have seen the same issue on other commercial equipment from time to time...
  2. wa8iqo

    Transmitter Output Restrictions In Florida

    Hello everyone. I moved to Central Florida last year. Just recently I read somewhere that Amature Radio Operators were limited to a transmission output power of no more then 50 watts within any geographical boundaries of Florida. The reason being is due to Florida having an over abundance of...
  3. A

    How much power to put out?

    Hi all. Normally UHF radios would do 45 watts per specs. But there are L1, L2, H options. I was wondering which one to use for base and mobile? Would the radio cook @ 45 w? Thanks.