1. L4wnd4rt

    Can't Login to New PPS 4.0 (Win11)

    Greetings, I had previous versions of PPS installed and working on my Windows 11 machine. But with the new 4.0 version it won't accept the admin/admin password combo. I tried reinstalling it multiple times, I used Revo uninstaller to make sure it was all out and I'm still getting the same...
  2. I

    Make rcdx readable

    Hi, Is there a way to make the binary rcdx config files readable to be able to extract information such as passwords or other config parameters from it? I've tested with only changing one parameter and then re-save the file, but strings and hexdump shows very different files after this...
  3. vagrant

    Icom: ID-RP2C Factory Reset?

    I do not know the existing password of this used unit. I know what the manual says and it is very unfriendly if the password is forgotten, such as using the word "impossible". Anyways, does anyone know if there is a factory reset option for the controller? I emailed Icom and hoping to get a...
  4. Q

    Does resetting Forums PW also reset BCFY PW and Wiki PW?

    Good morning, Does resetting the Forums PW also automatically reset the Wiki PW and the Broadcastify PW? If so, how long does it take to propagate the PW-change across the sites? If not, how do you reset the Wiki PW and the BCFY PW? I missed seeing a link to reset the Wiki PW, and the link...
  5. belvdr

    My Uniden Insecurity

    I forgot my password to My Uniden and clicked the Forgot Password link. Lo and behold, I discover Uniden is storing credentials in cleartext. This is unacceptable these days. Word to the wise, ensure you use a random password there. EDIT: Per my conversation below, I thought it prudent to...
  6. B

    PD705 Read Password

    Hi, I'm trying to programme some PD705's at work, but the previous person to have programmed them has left a read password on. I've tried the obvious 1234....etc and tried the "Reset Default Data" menu option but it displays an error message of "Read Default File Error" Does anyone have any...
  7. HWG


    How do I change my password for the Forums login in the center of the page? Every time I complete a password change, it changes the password that is used for the login that is at the top of the and the password for the forums login in the middle of the page does not change...
  8. M

    TK-3180 Programming Password

    I have recently acquired some TK-3180 radios and the are password protected as far as reading/writing the radios. Can someone advise me on how to get past the passwords?
  9. W

    TK-2312 Master Reset?

    Hi guys, this is my first post, so please bear with me and I'll give a little background. I have been searching like crazy trying to learn as much as possible and decided I should finally join as this site comes up a lot when I'm searching google. I am an offroad racer and we use TK-790H units...
  10. Selanda

    ScannerCast Plaintext Password

    Just noticed as I was setting up the RR Edition of ScannerCast that the password is displayed in plaintext instead of ********. I have V0.13 (1224). I noticed that once my feed was up and running the password changed back into masked ********. Still is a problem between opening the...