1. F

    Discovery mode Uniden Home Patrol 2

    Hello, I'm a little rusty on knowing how to do Discovery mode. I want to scan to see what the frequencies are for my local private school. I already checked my county and they are not listed in the dayabase. I'm not sure if they are digital or analog. Is there a simple way to do this?
  2. carddude99

    apco 25 on home patrol by uniden

    I have a Home Patrol. The only apco 25 system is military and it has signal as I can see on the bar, but nothing comes out except a little click noise. Does that mean it is encrypted. Isn't Apco 25 supposed to be recieved on a digital scanner? Anyone from the Northwest, can you help me here...
  3. T

    Does anyone have CHP dispatch audio from August 27th, 2010?

    Hi, I'm new hear and VERY unfamiliar with radio operations. I've noticed a few feeds here for CHP Golden Gate Division dispatch audio but the archives don't go back far enough. If anyone could help guide me in the right direction or get me in touch with someone, that would be outstanding. Thanks!
  4. F

    Centre county going digital

    So I just found out that Centre county Pa is going digital by march 2011. This is going to be good for the people that use the radios however for those of us that like to hear whats going on it is going to be a real pain having to buy new scanners. So here is the question, What "digital"...
  5. M

    California Civil Air Patrol Narrowband Transition Repeater Frequencies SEARCH REQUEST

    California Civil Air Patrol Narrowband Transition Repeater Frequencies Scanner Enthusiasts Monitoring Search/Logging Request. California Civil Air Patrol CAP VHF Narrowband Transition - New Frequencies and Repeaters Transition of CAP VHF frequencies from Wideband to Narrowband is currently...
  6. w2lie

    Clinton County Border Patrol?

    I am trying to located Border Patrol Frequencies in Clinton County NY to Canada. I am in the middle of programming a PRO-106 for someone, and I won't be able to search for them myself (as I am not the one going to Clinton County). There are a few dated threads here on RR that I was going to...
  7. davynavy

    Dallas - Downtown Safety Patrol

    Does anyone have the frequencies for the Downtown Dallas Safety Patrol?