1. edweirdFL

    2021 Phoenix Open

    Looks like this is the FCC STA for Bearcom
  2. N

    Senior PGA Tour at Oaktree

    I've stumbled upon Senior PGA Tour operations at 461.4375MHz DMR, negative polarity.
  3. Hooligan

    2009 PGA President's Cup golf tournament

    2009 PGA President's Cup Harding Park Golf Course, San Francisco - The Official Home of The Presidents Cup I parked at a line of sight vantage point about a mile away & played radio-geek from about 4 – 6PM. In most cases, I monitored the found freq just long enough to confirm...
  4. BearcatGB

    Buick Open

    Does anyone have any good PGA Tour or other frequencies to monitor for this week's Buick Open in Grand Blanc? Also the MetLife Blimp, Snoopy 1 will be here Thursday through Sunday. Any freqs for blimp ops would be appreciated too. This is apparently going to be the last Buick Open. It was...