1. R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    Used in great shape R-Finder B1 4g radio / android cell phone Works as it should Has glass screen protector in place. Comes with phone/radio, battery, antenna, and charger Works on T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, Wal mart phone service ect. Selling to fund other projects $700 shipped to the lower 48...
  2. KI4LIV

    Best audio bluetooth speaker/mic for streaming audio from phone for zello/scanner?

    I really hope this is in the right area - please feel free to relocate the post if I put it in the wrong spot. I stream audio from my phone a lot - mostly scanner feeds either via Zello or via Scanner Radio Pro. I'd like to use a bluetooth speaker/mic for this purpose so I don't have to have...
  3. C


    Has anyone impemented a hardware based solution to add a voip phone patch to a single site mototrbo system? We've done multiple legacy patches (APP), but have been unable to find a solution that doesn't involve any sort of third party software interface.
  4. C

    Phone patch, MOTOtrbo, and VOIP telephone systems

    I've been searching the internet, MOL, and made a couple phone calls on the subject of creating a digital phone patch with either an XPR, MTR, or SLR repeater. We've successfully integrated a patch into a legacy phone system but are finding it difficult to located information on integrating...
  5. S

    Two Tone Detect Help!

    I am new to this whole program. I was thrust into the position rather quickly and am in need of some assistance so please bare with me, I am trying to enter the fire department tones into the tone editor. However some departments have a mutual aid agreement so they have separate tones. For...
  6. E

    Contacting phone support

    I've been trying to call phone support for 3 days and can't get through - running into the "call volume too high" message and then having it disconnected. I got through now, but have been on hold waiting for 45 minutes. Still hoping someone will pick up. Is this normal for Uniden?
  7. B

    Cordless phone clearly leaks onto 462.700?

    Is it common for really old cordless phones to leak onto frequencies in the 440mhz band? This came over my radio today and I thought it was very strange. "07" is the FRS channel 7. YouTube - Cordless phone leaks conversation over 440 mhz GMRS frequency. Anybody else pick up things like this...
  8. P

    Sell: HTC HD2 $300, Iphone 3G S 32GB $300, Blackberry 9700 $250

    Interested buyer should email us at: Note that the new phones are authentic original sealed box with complete accessories and 2 years international warranty, no activation was required. We offer free shipping for the buyer that purchase up...
  9. M

    Listening to live audio on mobile phone

    I have a sprint HTC mogul (the PPC-6800). I would like to listen to the live audio on my phone but when I open the mobile website on my phone and try to click the link, it says that I do not have enough memory available. Can anyone help PLEASE????