1. R

    Very new ... need a push in the right direction

    Hi, I am a photographer and love aviation photography. I use a VHF scanner to scan weather and civil aviation freqs all the time which help me better position myself to get the shot(s) I want. What I'm facing now, is an airport with an ANG side. I would love to hear the military aircrft...
  2. Stavro35

    Tri med ambulance?

    This weekend I happen to notice a Tri med ambulance parked here in the Winslow area of Bainbridge island. As it turns out they were grabbing a bite to eat at a near by pizza place. I didn't want to bother them with questions. Mainly because they just grabbed their meals, and went back to their...
  3. C

    Riverside County GMRS 462.650mhz

    If you have ever scanned GMRS frequencies and live in the Inland Empire of Riverside County then I am sure you may have heard radio traffic on 462.650mhz (channel #19 on bubble pack radios). Here is a link to the group that uses the repeater on 462.650mhz CTCSS 218.1 They are made up...