1. C

    Security company frequencies

    I am new and was looking for a certain companies frequency but was not able to find it. I did run a FCC check and found the frequencies but not a PL. (I currently work for said company and they lost their paperwork.) How can i go about finding this information?
  2. B

    Allegheny County Radio- Eastern Police Frequency

    I am trying to find the Eastern Area Police radio frequency that covers EDGEWOOD, SWISSVALE, WILKINSBURGH and RANKIN POLICE DEPARTMENTS. I seem to find every other listing except that one. Does anyone know where I can find it or how it can become available?
  3. I

    What is the frequency that the Humane Society Officers in Pittsburgh use for Ops??

    I was hoping that someone out there may know the operations/dispatch frequency for the Humane Society officers use out in the field. For the operations of rescuing a animal or for arrests of those who abuse the animals. I was hoping that there is a frequency that I can listen to so I may listen...
  4. I

    Does anybody know the Transcare Medic Operations frequencies for the Pittsburgh Area

    Hello there, I was hoping someone may know the operations frequency used by Transcare Ambulance Company in the pittsburgh area. I have not been able to find the frequency for that ambulance company as of yet and I was hoping that someone out there may know. Thanks for the info in advance and and...
  5. lukeduke711

    Western PA 155.4300??

    what city is 155.4300?