1. T

    Alpha tags not displaying

    I'm listening to the Albany City and Colonie Police Fire and EMS feed, which (usually) has alpha tags which I can see in Scanner Live on my computer, or on the 5-0 Radio iPhone app. This feed is really tricky to understand clearly because of how many agencies are on it, so the alpha tags are a...
  2. Deziel0495

    Embed the HTML 5 Audio Player

    For those who want to embed a HTML 5 audio player with stats instead of the default one, here is a tutorial how. You may need to adjust the width and height values to fit your needs, but the values listed there worked best for me. See it here: If you require...
  3. C

    Metadata on embedded player?

    Is there any embedded player I can use that will show the metadata? As a side note, I use RadioFeed as my source. Maybe a way to grab this info directly from RadioFeed if there isn't a embedded player that can do this?
  4. spectr17

    Scanner Pro, player stuck in idle? No worky

    Been using Scanner Pro on my Samsung Galaxy Note II for a month and no problems. Last week I get a "Player is idle" error I guess it is? Uninstalled and reinstalled Scanner Pro and it's still stuck in idle mode. Google search and nothing. Got any ideas? Thanks
  5. firefstop

    Live Audio Quit Working After Crashing Browser

    I tuned into the live audio and enjoyed the experience for half of the day. Then Firefox crashed. After closing down and restarting, the audio player won't work as before. I've rebooted the computer several times and also tried it on Explorer, but to no avail, it still doesn't work. Can anyone...