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    XTL5000 O5 High Power VHF & UHF Audio Popping??

    Good evening, I have two XTL5000 O5 high power decks one vhf, one uhf that has an annoying audio pop/thump. The problem is present anytime a button is pressed on the radio or whenever the radio received audio. The button still beeps and the audio is heard; meaning if I push a button for an...
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    Why does the squelch keep opening and closing?

    Why is it that, on some conventional channels, I sometimes encounter a situation where the squelch will keep opening and closing, like someone keying the mic button on and off repeatedly? It's very frustrating! I searched the forums, but couldn't find this question.
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    Clicks and Pops

    I stream the Allegheny County West Fire feed under Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and on my feed is a constant clicking and popping that is really annoying. I've also heard this on some other feeds. Does anybody know what could be causing this and how to fix it? Thanks, Chad