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  1. *** SOLD *** PRISTINE Condition SDS100 w/Carry Case    $550 Shipped

    *** SOLD *** PRISTINE Condition SDS100 w/Carry Case $550 Shipped

    For Sale: 4 month old SDS100 scanner. NO upgrades. Bought two. Turned out I'm only really using one. Both were house kept only. One in the office. One at bedside. Never used mobile. Non-smoking house. Unit has screen protector. Includes box, all paperwork, all factory accessories, Nylon Carry...
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    Halifax, NS Canada. What do I need?

    Hey all, I am new here but heard this is the place to go! I am looking to find out what type of scanner I need, that will pick up police in Halifax Nova Scotia. I beleive it's all digital like most other places. No idea if it is encrypted. I would like to get some recommendation as to what...
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    Unique handheld scanner-Essencetek

    The Rechargeable scanner is a 600 dpi, portable, built in Li-ion battery document scanner ,this compact document scanner has some impressive specs and surface. Weight only 140g totally, rechargebalescnaner measures 10.2-by-1.1-by-0.9 inches when packed for traveling. To use the rechargeable...