power connector

  1. KL4JC

    HP-2: Line-out, volume, and ‘buzzing’

    Hi, all! I'm new here, and a bit of a noob to some of this stuff — please forgive me if my questions are really dumb! I'm a new HAM, and have a HomePatrol-2 that I've used in my car for a year and change. I'm now trying to bring it into the shack, and set up a ducking scanner with my HF gear /...
  2. W


    Please help a Newbie with a seemingly simple question. I purchased a "Taken Out of Service" TK-890H 110w UHF radio with "basic" remote head controller. Out of the back of the radio is the 12v DC connector with 2 red and 2 black leads. I have never come across 2 before. They were cut short to...
  3. kandrey89

    TRX-2: Whistler TRX-2 - Unboxing Photos

    Hi, I took unboxing photos of Whistler TRX-2 in hi-res so you could see what is included, the shape and possible mounting options. Concern about the quality: The buttons are sheathed in thin black rubber material with what appears to be possibly rubberized silkscreen. Unknown how long the...
  4. OK2BCK

    AR-3000A power connector

    Greetings, my AR-3000A needs a new power plug (never got the original one) but the socket seems special. At the moment I am using two separate core-less tube-like ends pulled of a standard PC component power connector. Fits very well actually, but I am not looking forward the day when I will...