power fault

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    XTL/XTS5000 Power Issues

    I own a XTL 5000 and had my firmware upgraded recently from R07, to R20. When I power down the radio for a long time and try to turn it on, the W7 head does not display. When I took the power source out, held the power button on the radio, and plugged in the power source, the W7 head display...
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    PRS-600 Power Problem

    I have a "used" GRE PSR-600 that is having problems turning on. When I turn it on the light flashes, goes black and all I hear is a clicking sound. It take A LOT of trying just to get it on, so I never turn in off. Any idea what might be wrong. PS: I cannot afford a new one.
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    Syntor x9000 programming issue

    I have a Syntor x9000 that i am trying to program. I made a programming cable out of one ot the T cables used to connect a rear control head that is connected to my RIB. When trying to read the radio or head I get an error message that says there is a power fault. The radio powers fine without...