1. Stridsberg Engineering Preamplifier - PRE-20

    Stridsberg Engineering Preamplifier - PRE-20

    Used for maybe an hour and taken out of service. Ended up not needing it. Includes the original power supply (wall wart). $135.00 shipped Paypal preferred. I ship on the next business day from when payment is received. Please let me know if you have any questions. kg7vg [at] outlook dot com...
  2. Stridsberg 800MHz Multicoupler

    Stridsberg 800MHz Multicoupler

    Stridsberg active multicoupler model number MCA804/B. Unit is about 9 years old and has worked flawlessly. Was installed in my shack, never in a mobile application. DC Power supply is also included but not pictured. Asking $85.00 or best offer. Shipping to CONUS only. Paypal preferred...
  3. B

    BC355N signal input level

    I've had fairly good results with my BC355N scanner as a base, but due to terrain, can't get county-wide reception. I am raising my discone antenna a bit higher, and have purchased a Ramsey PR2 broadband preamp. The preamp puts out a 20db gain at up to 100mw. Some users have reported what sounds...
  4. D

    Dumb question about amps for scanner antenna

    Hello everyone, First of all I know this is probably a really stupid idea but I'm just trying to consider all my potential options. I have a very long cable run from my Scantenna ST-2 to my 3 scanners that I run, total run of about 240'. I'm using tri-shielded RG6 direct burial from the tower...