1. B

    Programming issue PRO-160

    I run a fire group on line and have two PRO-160's. They were given to me last year by a fiend and came preprogrammed with the various regional fire frequencies. I have the cable and ARC-160 software. While trying to follow a local major fire, I discovered that I am missing several freq's but...
  2. N2SCV

    Pro-160 (not 106)

    Is there a fix for UHF trunk systems to accept 6.25 spacing? My 163/164 receive the NYC DoITT 400 mhz system fine because I can set the spacing to 6.25, however the 160 only goes down to 12.5 and ARC160 does 12.5, 10 and 5 but not 6.25. The manual shows this: "400-512 6.25 kHz " but does not...
  3. S

    Pro-160 trunk programming problems with ARC160

    I have a pro-160 that I am trying to program using the ARC160 software. The system is UC Santa Cruz (University of California (Santa Cruz) Trunking System, Santa Cruz, California - Scanner Frequencies). I can connect to the RR database and import the system and program the scanner, but it never...