1. T

    PRO-164 ATLANTA P25 CAI Capable

    I have a RS Pro-164 Boot Version: F1.01 and Appl Version: 1.10 I've downloaded with no further modification the following file from the RadioReference Web Service and uploaded to my scanner. System Name: Atlanta Public Safety P25 Location: Atlanta, GA County: Fulton System Type: Project 25...
  2. LtHandy

    PRO-164 Still Won't Trunk

    I've posted this before ... but I'm still having trouble with my PRO-164 not trunking. I sent my scanner back to Radio Shack's Repair Depot last year because I couldn't use the upload port to do anything. I couldn't upload from PSR-300 ... I couldn't upload the upgrades from their site (which...
  3. R

    South King County

    I've had Scanners since back when you had to buy the individual Crystals and make sure you put the right color wires in the correct places, to get UHF or VHF. etc. I was much younger then! My Radio Shack scanner that I have in the car is one that I programmed, and input in the talk group...