1. G

    Programming trunk freq

    I have a Pro-2052 scanner and my local police just changed their radio system so the frequencies no longer work. I have the book for the scanner but I don't know if the frequencies I'm programming are wrong or I'm just doing it the wrong way. I'm looking to add channels for Shelbyville, Indiana...
  2. Captain_Nojaa

    PRO-2052 Data Cable

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a cable to program my 2052 scanner? I checked at the local Radio Shack but they couldn't provide anything. I asked about an RS-232 to a USB, but apparently there is no such cable in existence. The scanner has a 9-pin RS-232 on the back, and my HP laptop has...
  3. DPBH

    Need help with PRO-2052 Clinton County Ohio Reband !

    First off great website . Now my moms pro-2052 stopped picking up clinton county ohio . I think it is because clinton county ohio rebanded ? . So How do i reprogram it so it will...
  4. NRFDTL11Buff

    Pro-2052 Serial Cable

    Hey, I need a little help here. Right now I own a Pro-2052. I have it programmed and everything already, but I want to set up trunking frequncies through the computer. The software I downloaded is "Scanpro2052". Right now I have a Serial cable USB adapter similar to this...