1. pilondav

    PRO-404 Off-frequency?

    Hi all. I have a PRO-404 that's acting seems to be off-channel on VHF and deaf on UHF. First I tried my local NOAA weather broadcast on 162.55 MHz. Normally it comes in with full quieting but this time it was way low. I got curious so I tried 162.5625 and 162.5375. There it...
  2. fivemotorthree


    I picked up a Radio Shack Pro-404 scanner a little while ago, I can't seem to get ANYTHING I program it with. I'm really wanting to pick up Hawthorne Police's dispatch and/or radio traffic. Is distance the problem? ( I'm 20 miles away ) not too far. Is it the scanner or just distance itself??
  3. K

    Help with pro-404

    I can not figure out this scanner! I have looked up numerous frequencies and still can't get this thing to work! I still have more coming out of my cell phone app than this darn scanner. What am I doing wrong?
  4. X

    Need manual ASAP (RadioShack® PRO-404)

    Hello...I'm in need of a copy of the "User Guide" for this model (RadioShack® PRO-404 200-Channel Handheld Scanner) of scanner. For some reason, the official link on Radioshack's website only produces a 0kb pdf file while the quickstart guide for english works perfectly. I've tried 3 browsers on...
  5. J

    New RS Pro-404

    I just bought a radio shack pro-404 and I have programmed the frequency's for our fire department but I am having some issue's with the audio. While I am scanning my freq's. and the dispatcher tones out the fd I can here that, but I can't here the apparatus when they call en-route. I'm not sure...
  6. T

    PRO-404 Overhaul?

    Hi! I have an old PRO-404. The casing is chipped, beltclip socket is broken, and the buttons are fading. Does anyone know if I can order a new casing and or belt-clip AND OR button pad? Is there an RSU# or something? Thanks so much! Sam
  7. A

    Jennings County and Radio Shack pro-404

    I'm new to the scanning world and I got a Radio Shack pro-404 from a friend, and I live in Jennings County. My question is can I here in anything in Jennings with an analog non-trunking scanner? I have set it to scan and have tried tunning it to specific channels and have heard nothing.
  8. Raptor05121

    Pro-404 Ant. Upgrade

    Hey guys, I just bought the RS Pro-404 as a mobile to use until my FD can get me a pager. Its a good radio, and a plus is being able to do AM as well. However, when I have another radio on, this one misses the first second of conversation, there is background static and if I move around, it cuts...
  9. L

    PRO-404 handheld scanner

    does anyone know a program i can use to program this scanner. like i have burnsville, minneapolis,st paul etc. police but i can only hear the fire department and ambulance and that gets boring. i have the right frequemcies according to different sites but i still cant hear. or if someone has a...