pro 94

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    Pro 94 Trunking

    Can someone explain trunking to me. I am new to it and this scanner.
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    Pro-94 trunk programming

    Just got a Pro-94 and am adding frequencies to it. Wanted to add some trunk groups for AZ but I find myself a bit confused as the listings here Maricopa County Trunking System, Maricopa County, Arizona - Scanner Frequencies show decimal listings as well as frequencies but I have zero clue how...
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    Trunking Noob

    I moved here a little while back, and i'm from an area that is still on a non trunked system so this is all new to me. I have a radioshack pro 94 that I'm trying to get program for Bellevue PD and any other local PD's I can.. The programming is kicking my butt.. Is there anyone in the Omaha area...
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    Radio Shack Pro 94 handheld

    how do you program txwarnp25 codes into a Pro 94? I did just like the manual said, and nothing. after programing all the 800 #s I hit trunk and search, and nothing. Confused, where should I go to get the right info?
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    Rockdale County Feed

    I noticed the Rockdale live feed is offline. Will there be a live feed up soon? I listened to it on ScanAmerica but can't access it on Radio Reference. thx for any info.
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    Can someone give information on how to locate radio frequencies for the RCSO? I have a Radio Shack Pro 94 scanner. Also, will RCSO scanner feed be online on radoreference websitie; I notice it has been offline for several days! Any help would be appreciated! thx.