pro 95 problems

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    Pro 95 Frequency Trouble

    Okay so today I got a pro 95 that I bought off ebay, and I have can all my frequencies on apart from one, so when scanning I am getting parts of the conversation, the frequency I am having trouble picking up (Invalid Frequency, but works on UniTrunker) 869.23750 Is anyone able to help me at all...
  2. M

    PRO-95 Stopped Scanning Tonight (Help?)

    I thought I would toss a thread here in case anybody has some advice for me before I go out and buy a new scanner, so thank you in advance for any of your thoughts. I've had my PRO-95 for a number of years, and love listening to all the random chatter I can pick up on it. I've never had a...
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    Radio Shack Pro 95 Key Pad Replacement

    I have a Radio Shack Pro 95 scanner and I need a replacement keypad. I searched Amazon, E-bay and Google, but have had no luck. Any ideas?
  4. K

    Pro 95 programming issues

    Good day, I am trying to program my pro 95. I have entered all the freqs for the trunked system I'm trying to listen to. When I try and change the mode of each channel to MO it only switches between AM and FM. It won't change to MO. Any suggestions?