1. Drexal

    Is there no "easy" way to copy/import frequencies with Win95?

    Hello everyone, I just bought a Pro-95, I have a Pro-135 I use with ARC135 and I want to know if there is any way to copy/import frequencies to Win95? Do I just copy/paste one by one?
  2. U

    Anyone who can give me pointers....

    I recently dusted off my RS PRO-95 after moving to Richmond, VA and am trying to set it up for the localities here. I've reset the unit, and programmed in the frequencies here but after thirty minutes there was no traffic (I was at the VRS and we definitely had traffic over the radios). So I...
  3. J

    Issues Programming Pro-95 Scanner

    I am a new member here and a new owner of a Radio Shack Pro-5, which had a broken antenna, but for $5 I couldn't pass up the deal. I fixed the antenna and cleaned up the battery compartment. The unit powers up but shows all channels are locked since it is not programmed. In performing some...
  4. D

    PRO-95 Progamming Help - San Diego County South

    Hello all, I'm not exactly a newbie, but I'm not an expert yet with my scanner either. I have a RS PRO-95 and usually program with WIN95. I've successfully programmed trunked frequencies in the past and I'm trying to program the frequencies for San Diedo county South Zone using the following...
  5. occdude01

    Radio Shack Pro-95 CTRL channel problem?

    Hello, I am using a Pro-95 Radioshack Scanner, and I am trying to pick up the Alief Community VFD dispatch trunking channel in FORT BEND, TEXAS. I am able to pick up the CTRL channel for the Clodine Tower at 853.92500 MHZ. I have the dispatch TalkGroup ID entered, the ID bank open (+) where the...
  6. 1

    Pro-95 Isolation Question

    Hi. I'm new here. Have been using the site for a while and just decided to join. I have a Pro-95 dual trunk and am trying to find out how to isolate a talk group within a frequency set. On the frequencies there are tons of talk groups. I want to get it to only broadcast 1 talk group. Is this...
  7. G

    Priority Delay: 396XT vs PRO-95/97

    Just curious if there is a quick fix or if this is just a Uniden quirk. I've read other posts in regards to P25 delay time, but I'm currently only scanning conventional systems. When Priority is enabled on the 396XT, I always get a minimum 1-second pause while the scanner checks stored priority...
  8. S

    PRO-95 Program Software

    I have purchased the cable and software from Radio Shack for the Pro-95. It clearly states that it is for the Pro-95 but I cant get it to communicate with the scanner. I have been told there is an update that is needed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  9. D

    Newbie Seeks Hot Atlanta Pro-95 / Win95 File Database

    I'm a computer scanning newbie plinking on my RadioShack dual trunking Pro-95 scanner (No snickering at my dinosaur, please... ;-) And I stumbled across this great website and the forums and signed up. I know this is the install forum, but it looks like the closest thing to what I'm interested...
  10. E

    Programming a Radioshack Pro-95

    Can anyone please offer me easy step-by-step directions on how to program everything relating to Hanover County's Trunked Radio Systems? I'm so confused with how to even program this scanner. I've tried understanding the manual that I have for it but it doesn't make any sense. Any help would...
  11. D

    Can I use the Pro-95 for LTR trucking?

    Hi, My dad's always been a scanner buff, and so I borrowed his Radioshack Pro-95 scanner to use for a while. I was trying to program in a trunked frequency when I realized that the freq. I wanted to enter uses the LTR trunking system and this scanner only supports MOT and ED systems. Is there...
  12. w2lie

    PRO-95 Battery Contacts

    Hi, Someone has a scanner that they would like me to repair for them. One of the metal battery contacts that is soldered to the circuit board has snapped, and they need a replacement. I've been looking around digi-key for a matching part, but can't seem to have any luck. If someone knows...