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    Pro 95 won't turn on

    Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone here might be able to assist me with a sudden issue I've run into with my RadioShack Pro-95 scanner. The unit has been working perfectly fine until recently when it just stopped powering on. I've had this thing for about 20 years and have loved it! Here's a...
  2. B

    Pro95 keypad locked

    My scanner keypad is locked and I can't get it to unlock, reset or initialize. I hit the reset button on the side and tried other suggestions. Anything that requires hitting a key will not work. Any suggestions???
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    Dutchess County EDACS CRAZINESS!!!?!

    Hi everyone. I hate to beat a dead horse, and i assure you i have spent hours on the site looking for a hint as to what i am doing incorrectly, but have come up with nothing. Here my question, i live just over the Mid-Hudson bridge, and i have a Radio Shack pro-95. I ordered the...
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    Just joined, might need some help

    Greetings; I used to be a scanner nut years ago when programming was a simple matter. Pick a channel, plug in a freq. and enjoy. I'm a railroad nut so I think programming analog in high band is still easy for me. The issue comes from programming for my local law and fire. I live in Shelby county...
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    Pro-95 PC interface

    Hi, I recently purchased a used Pro95 scanner and programming cable (catalog #20-048). When the cable is inserted, the screen switches to clone mode, as expected. However, when I attempt to transfer data using Win95, the transfer always fails and says "expected to read back the data we just...
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    pro 95 programing

    i am trying to program the scanner to pick up the county fire dispatch edacs channels, i found the local frequencies and got them programmed in but it picks up all traffic reapeating through that tower. is there some way to program the scanner to only pick up the county fire dispatch channels. i...