progamming software

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    Help plz etech Im 101

    I can not find programming cord or software for the etech Im 101 mobile VHF radios I'm on a fire dept and the guy that has been doing the programming on this left dept So I need this cord and software do I can get them narrow banded we are using Handhelds in trucks so any help would be great...
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    COM Port??

    Could someone help me install a virtual COM port i went here but it doesn't work TS-590S/TH-D72A/E Virtual COM Port Driver and i dont know where else to go when i plug in my USB with a 2 ended prong into my radio it says "No driver could be found" i dont know what to do please help! Thanks
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    Wisdom needed.

    I have a 996t. I would like to update firmware and use freescan to update. My question is what steps should I follow to do it? I will be using a usb to connect computer to scanner. But after that,what steps should I follow so I can avoid issues? Thank you for any wisdom Declan.