programing problems

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    B-K DPH-CMD programming question

    Somehow I’ve gotten this radio into a mode where the SCN annunciator always flashes, regardless of the position of the SCAN and PRI switches (both of which are programed to Scan and access Priority channel 1, respectively). Even when I take every channel out of a group’s scan list AND the...
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    Programing issues.

    Hi. I am new to the whole programing world. I bought a Motorola xts3000. I also bought the astro saber & xts 3000 CPS software version R05.03.00. I am using the original motorola programing cables for the xts3000 with a RIB box. I have the serial port plugged into a serial to usb adapter...
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    APX 7000 Read/Write Issue

    It wasn't until recently that my APX7000 (700/800 - VHF) started acting up. Sometimes it will let me plug it in and read it, other times it immediately calls the device unrecognizable and blocks it. Now most of the times I get it to read I have to then spend close to 15-20 minutes trying to get...
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    mts200 flash port ready to program

    had these for years usually program from back serial of xp machine using one connector in serial computer and the motoropla clamp that goes onto the contacts at side of radio, using the cps 4 and I purchsed 6 a while back, the cable seems connected properly the port is showing when asked to read...
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    Georgia statewide assistance

    First, I want to say sorry if I have posted this Thread in the wrong place. I wasn't sure if it should be database [as it appears to be a database problem] or programing software. Now, I am trying to program highway patrol frequencies for the Rt 95 corridor from NJ to Florida. I am aware that...