programming error

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    Newbie Needs Help W/Pro 41

    I have owned this old Pro 41 for decades. Although I haven't used it for a few years, I'm unable to program freqs like 483.26250. It will only accept freqs with 3 digits after the decimal point. Is this old scanner now obsolete? Help!
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    I have tried on to download the software for programming onto my scannner and have been unsuccessful. Any suggestions? I am trying to get local (Lambton County, Ontario) frequencies downloaded by computer onto my scanner.
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    CPS Launch App Error

    Hey team, I have installed the CPS on my system and I am getting this error. It says the system cannot find the file specified. What should I do?
  4. K

    Encryption or Mistake?

    I have successfully loaded 1,000 frequencies but the main three I wanted are either not programmed correctly or are encrypted because when they transmit, I only get a loud static sound. It is strange since the site for the three frequencies is a small residential living facility and they have...
  5. C

    ICOM Programming issues...need help.

    Hi all, in need of assistance. I have 6 ICOM IC-F3021S portable radios, that are in need of programming. Before anyone throws at me for not being a "licensed ICOM tech., I understand, and do not need that as answer, or "take it to a certified dealer". That's not why im here. I have acquired...
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    Uniden BC346XTC Update Failed Now Unuseable

    I have the BC346XTC model. I tried updating the firmware v1.05 using BC_VUP from: BC346XTFirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki I received an error that read: Programming Error!! I cannot use my scanner now even though I just got is a few days ago. The only thing I can do is power on while...