1. D

    Baffling experience with SpectrumForce wide-band antenna

    I’ve run into an issue with my recently-purchased SpectrumForce wide-band antenna (SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and BNC | Scanner Master) that has me baffled. I primarily use two handheld scanners—my GRE PSR-300 and my Whistler TRX-1. The GRE is a much better radio and always...
  2. gmclam

    How do I correct this display

    The picture below shows the LCD display of a PSR-400 which has the text reversed. Sorry for the glare on the display. I programmed 2 of these scanners, new, with the same programming and they had no issues. After running for about a week, one of them has this reversal. I've read where...
  3. M

    Should I use multiple ucan site control freqs ?

    Hi, I am new to scanning and have a new GRE PSR-300. I have updated the 800mhz table and it is working great. I live in Davis County. I entered the control frequencies based on the Davis County entries in the database. I see that there are other control channels for other counties. Because...
  4. M

    psr-300 manual setup of rebanding table

    Just recieved my PSR-300 for Christmas. Running 1.07 release of the firmware. I have all of the table information that I need to enter the settings for my area to reband. The only issue, I do not have any pc software or the adapter. Does anyone know how to program the rebanding information...