psr 600

  1. J

    Scanners won't lock onto 851.7375

    Hi All: I have a GRE PSR-600 and Whistler TRX-2. The following issue has been a problem for years so I am not looking for the "wow" answer. These scanners are in different places around the county and they both cannot lock onto 851.7375. The PSR-600 will keep beeping like it is trying to...
  2. D

    Desperate for volume/squelch pot - Pro 197

    I have searched high and low for info on this but I don't see where anyone has actually found a solution. My Pro-197 has had a scratchy volume pot for years. Now it's to the point where I am losing audio in the first part of the pot's range - which we all know takes you from no volume to...
  3. M

    PAR FM Broadcast Filter with PSR-600

    I was getting fuzzy audio in the background on most 2m ham and 155 mHz police transmissions from a 50,000 watt fm broadcaster around 10 miles away. I bought a PAR fm filter from Grove, and the difference in receive sensitivity has been amazing. The distorted audio has disappeared, and signal...
  4. L

    Pro 197 and PSR 600 Alert Settings

    Quick video showing the alert light and alert sound settings for the Pro 197 and PSR 600. Rather than create each one by trail and error, created a video to share. This should save many from the same dilemma of figuring out which alert sounds are best for the type of activity you are trying to...
  5. F

    PSR-600 Missing Transmissions?

    Hi all, At the moment my PSR-600 is set up to scan two lists, each containing primary dispatch and a couple special car-car channels for one agency each, each agency tied to the same site of a statewide multi-site Motorola analog system. (It's the Oklahoma DPS system, Norman site, and I'm...
  6. J

    PSR 600 Programming Software

    Can someone suggest the best programming software for the GRE PSR 600? I have Uniden and AOR scanners but have never found good programming software. The PSR 600 is a new purchase. Suggestions and advice welcome. THANKS!
  7. Scan-Denver

    Numbered Memory Locations

    Hey guys, Question about the 500/600. Are the memory locations numbered ? Say for instance you want your scanner to switch to a certain talkgroup, is it possible while in non-scan mode to use the key pad to switch to the memory location for that talkgroup? Similarly like you can on...