psr 800

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    PSR-800: Scanner Won't Boot Up: Code 3-01 0011

    Scanner card appears as a windows drive E. however will no longer operate or connect to software. Code 3-01 0011 "error detected please see user guide for more info. Code 00000002 I am still able to perform a firmware upgrade, using the menu button depress while plugging in USB feature, however...
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    PSR-800: New SD Card simply won't work

    So I went out and got new microSD cards for my two microSD based scanners (PSR-800 & BCD536HP) on the advice of some RR folks. Picked up the Transcend Information 16GB High Endurance microSD Card with Adapter (TS16GUSDHC10V) off Amazon. Programmed them both/each with the adapter. The 536 took...
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    PSR-800: What to do about "FATAL ERROR"

    My PSR-800 has performed flawlessly from the time I first turned it on ... until yesterday. I turned it on, it seemed to be going through the normal "boot up" screens, got through the "verifying" screen, started to flash the "preparing please wait ..." message and then I got the following...
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    PSR 800 question

    I recently (Saturday) updated all of my PSR 800 software to the latest so that I could monitor the local Harris P25 Phase 2 system in Bibb County, Ga. I was surprised at how well it is receiving the transmissions..... some are crystal clear but many more are garbled beyond understanding. Is...
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    Any suggestions on how to make my feed clearer?

    I am currently hosting the PGFD feed for Prince Georges County Fire Department, using a PSR-800. I have been able to get it up and running however many people are complaining regarding the sound quality (garbled). I just purchased a signal amplifier but am awaiting its arrival. Any suggestions...
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    MSP 2300 DSP on 2200 DSP CC?

    Is anyone else hearing Marshall patrol dispatch (2300) on the Mankato patrol dispatch talkgroup ID 20116? Also, there seems to be a LOT of echo recently on MSP, mainly when the cars are transmitting. I have a GRE PSR-800 with a wildcard for my talkgroups and radio IDs if that makes a difference.
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    I purchased a PSR-800 and I don't recommend it. It has too many "chimes and bells" that the majority of us don't need. I'm one of those guys that didn't mind paying the extra money for something that works better or even if it's smaller in size. For example, I read in the instructions that most...
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    PSR-800 and Narrowbanding

    Is there anything I can do to improve the audio of a narrowband signal. Our Sheriff's Department went to narrowband. The signal is good but it sounds all digitized and is often difficult to understand. Thank you.
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    GRE PSR-500 vs. GRE PSR-800 (Help Me Decide On GRE's Top 2))

    Hello Radio Reference'rs, I am somewhat new to the DIGITAL scanning world but not the old. I have been looking at the GRE PSR-500 and I was sold until I noticed the PSR-800 for just a few more bucks. Even the PSR-900 is coming soon but well skip that for now.. Now besides the obvious cosmetic...
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    PSR 800 Signal Fading?

    Santa got me this scanner and it's my first real digital scanner, so I'm not sure what I expect to hear. Can you tell me if the following is normal? I live about 11-12 miles south from a P25 county (Lucas County Public Safety) and I get a consistent 4-5 bars on the scanner and the "T" will...
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    PSR 800 Delay and Site selection issues

    I live in a huge metro area and have several thousand conventional frequencies and trunked talk groups in my scanner. I can see how to set the delay factor on individual channels or talkgroups. However, the default value of 2.0 seconds is too fast for me and I would like to change it to a...
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    Ummm, another PSR-800 Software Error?

    This would be the FIRST error I have gotten using the software. With everything connected to the CPU, I wanted to "import" the audio files from the scanner to the software via the audio tab. While the software was in the process of doing this, a error occured and this was thrown at me: Access...