1. GRECOM PSR-600

    GRECOM PSR-600

    Comes with power cable, blue programming cable, box, and antenna works great, has few marks on face see pic
  2. W

    500/600 mounting bracket and knobs

    Maybe you have a PSR500/600 and have it vehicle mounted using the DIN sleeve option, leaving you with a mobile mounting bracket and knobs that you don't need. I am looking to purchase the 600 bracket and knobs. Can't find a vendor in the net. Thanks. Terry
  3. C

    PSR600 Skipping during transmissions ??

    My GRECOM PSR600 has started "skipping" during transmissions, both on conventional and trunked transmissions. Occurs during a transmission..and screen shows "i.e. Scan List 1" (in conventional) or "Trunk ID List name" popping up for a couple mili-seconds every few seconds during a broadcast...
  4. SlipNutz15

    PSR600 cuts out during pager tones

    I've noticed that certain quick call pager tones get cut out halfway through the second tone while others I can hear the entire tone. What's the deal?
  5. Robbyboy

    PSR-600 ARID Question

    This is going to be a stupid question (Don't worry, Im a Marine and I know stupid:twisted:) Im a newbie to this scanner and working my way through it since I have never worked with Obj Oriented units before. I have my radio set to decode Radio IDs (I Think/hope). Sometimes it will come up...
  6. Robbyboy


    With regards to the below post: Charles was an excellent seller. Very patient and helpful. This package was shipped as requested with excellent packaging (very secure). Without fail I would do business with him again no questions...