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    Penn State University - Brandywine

    Does anyone have info on frequencies used by PSU Brandywine Police? I've only been able to come up with 72.18 from the FCC for a "WIRELESS CLOCK SYSTEM."
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    Penn State University LTR

    I noticed some Motorola PR400s floating around and the presence of the talk-permit-tone chirp when a user keys up. From my understanding, this is only possible via a LTR system for this radio (without the "DTMF hack" etc.) Does anyone have any info on a possible LTR system or why the PR400 would...
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    Power Supplies?

    Greetins, I am looking at picking up a power supply for a FT-897D and would like some feedback on what's good and what's not for what's available. My parameters are 13.8volt, 30AMP (20 continous), with meters. I have read many reviews on QJE, Jetstream & Alinco's flavors and I am just not...