purchase decision

  1. ClwnMan76

    Returning Listener - Need Advice On Scanner

    First off, I hope I got the right forum. Like many of you probably, I'm so scared to post for fear I've chosen the wrong one or didn't read all the rules correctly or something. LOL I haven't listened to a scanner for a few years now. I'm in Tampa, FL and am going to purchase a handheld...
  2. DFD1994

    Where to go from here: The next purchase

    Hello All, I appreciate you taking the time here to read my post and hopefully offer up some assistance in this decision I am looking to make here in the near future. I am currently the owner of a Uniden HomePatrol-1 (Yes I know it ruined scanning for some of you, made it available to the...
  3. S

    Old newbie needs help, please

    I don't have a scanner but am wanting to buy one to try and monitor what's going on when fires start, I'm terrified of fires. We were evacuated once and it was more scary than anything I've ever been through. I'm confused though about what I need insofar as purchasing a scanner. Radio Shack...
  4. Oldglide

    Customer Service, part of the purchase decision?

    Hello to all, this is my first post on an RR forum but I am not new to any of this stuff. So here's my dilemma; should customer service from the company your thinking of purchasing a product from be a consideration as well as price, features etc. After having the phone stuck in my ear for over...