1. DavidNVA

    Unication G4/5 for Prince William County?

    Looking to upgrade my 436HP and have my eye on one of the Unication pagers, specifically the G5 so I can monitor both PWC‘s P25 and a VSP STARS system. I’m aware I wouldn’t be able to monitor them both at the same time, or at least that’s my understanding of this pager. Anyone here using one...
  2. DavidNVA

    Prince William County K9-1?

    This evening I was monitoring the search for a missing elderly man in our community with alzheimer's. Sad situation, especially with the nasty weather that blew through the area. Helicopter Fairfax 1 was brought in to assist twice, but unfortunately was unsuccessful in locating him, the weather...
  3. T

    Prince William County help

    For the last few months I have been having problems scanning PWC. It seems there is some sort of interference in the system. The talk groups have been looking up like there is an open mic but no one is saying anything. I don't think it is an open mic because it happens on multiple talk groups. I...