1. R

    PSR400 and PSR600 feed audio quality

    I have been a feed provider since about 2007 with one lapse in there changing up equipment. Never had an issue getting the feed in decent working order. But I have a slight issue that is killing me. Equipment list below. And this was an issue on another computer as well. I know there may...
  2. L

    New Member Aviation Scanner Help

    Hi. I currently use an old Radio Shack Pro 89 scanner to pick up aviation frequincies when ever I'm plane spotting at Los Angeles International. Here's my problem I have a large 40" antenna plugged into it thinking that would improve audio quality and range but for some reason even though I'm...
  3. stantorres

    Base vs handheld digital, technical difference

    Wondering if there is any technical difference between the handheld and the base versions of the Uniden digital trunktracker scanners. Is the base radio just the same exact guts as the handheld, just mounted in a bigger box? Or is there additional processing, filtering, better components in the...
  4. adams_jb

    PRO-18 Sound Quality

    Good Evening! I have recently purchased a PRO-18 scanner to run a local scanner feed and am having problems with the quality of the audio. The audio is very garbled; I have tried making adjustments to the settings with no change. I am monitoring the Charlotte, NC P25 system (particularly...
  5. M

    Motorola vs. FM Quality

    This might be a pretty obvious question, but I thought I would see if there was a definite answer. When I am listening to my scanner (RadioShack Pro-164), I have about 5 Motorola frequencies programmed (police) as well as about 5 FM frequencies (Fire/EMS/State Police) programmed in the same...
  6. S

    Sound Quality Issue on Pro 106

    I must first thank those who have already helped me here by answering my questions. I have now had my pro 106 for a few months and have had plenty of time to test test it. It seems that both the sound quality (speaker distortion and frequency range) has much to be desired in such and expensive...