1. S

    ARC20 wont log into RR

    I just purchased ARC20 for my R20 receiver, when I go to the internet tab to download from Radio Reference, it asks for my login info, i put in my user name and password and i get an error saying its wrong. Butel said its a Radio reference issue (which I dont beleive). Anyone have any ideas?
  2. O

    Astro25 CPS Portable R20 Windows 8 Problem

    I installed Astro 25 Portable CPS R20.01 on Windows 8.1 and and discovered that lists appear incomplete. I attached an image of my problem. If anyone knows something about please help. I'm working on a Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB and I've installed the software on diferent PC's with windows 8...
  3. S

    R20 questions on PC-interface, audio playback, and linux...

    Hi, I'm new and I tried and failed to find my ICOM R20 questions on the wiki-- 1. What precisely is the PC-to-Radio USB cable OPC1382 for? Is it just the ability to control one's radio from one's computer? And I'm still confused as to precisely which cables are required. There are things...
  4. N

    R20 Keyboard Sanity Check

    Like many of us, even those with experience, the R20's out-of-box experience can be frustrating. Thought I'd toss in some tips about programming from the keyboard, as cuddling up with the manual for a few days is not my idea of fun. :) So here is the Pre-Flight check. Maybe you lost the...
  5. coopermj

    Attn r2500 & r20 owners, a ?

    Hope I'm in the right group. Here's my question: I have a R20 and use the icom software for it and have a saved "icf" file for configuration. I just received a R2500 and am meddling my way through getting acquainted with it. Does anyone know if a R20 icf file can be imported into the R2500...
  6. sheldonk

    For Sale: Icom R20 and Icom PCR1000

    Selling them together. $575.00 ransun@nktelco.net for more info if interested. TY