1. K

    R7100 clicking sound

    I recently picked up an IC-R7100 that works fine except for an irritating random clicking inside, which I'm assuming may be the relay. I am monitoring air bands below 380 MHz, so the relay should not be closing, and the reception is not affected by the clicking. I have had several R7100s before...
  2. K

    IC-R7100 Receiver Display Lamps

    One or 2 lamps behind the display burned out, and I wish to replace all 4 with LEDs. The Manuals do not give procedures for accessing the circuits behind the front panel. Does anyone have experience or can help with procedures to access the lamps on this great receiver?
  3. M

    R7100 Display Modifications

    After replacing the illumination lights on my R7100 for the third time, I am ready to upgrade the illumination to either white or red LEDs, properly current limited. Has anyone done this before? I distinctly remember the upgrade I made from traditional lamps to blue.white LED's on my now ancient...