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  1. M

    Glenn M’s Weekly FCC Grants Reports Ending After 14 Years

    Glenn M’s Weekly FCC Grants Reports Ending. Thanks for doing it for everyone for the past 14 years. Scanner Community Announcement... http://fccgrants.x10host.com/quick.htm P.S Maybe someone that knows how to do it can take it over?
  2. D

    Freescan: Import from RR problem

    When I import from Freescan software by clicking Files, Import and from RadioReference Conventional.... I make my choice to select some frequencies and I click import. All work exept the Frequencies, the first three digits are ok and the five last digits after the dot indicated 00000 all the...
  3. J

    Baofeng / Chirp / RadioRef error

    Using chirp to program Baofeng UV-5R I am able to import from all zip codes in my area except the zip codes in one particular county. If I select ANY zip code in Tazewell County, IL I get the following error: <unknown>:1:1401: not well-formed (invalid token) This has been going on for a few...
  4. jonwienke

    Main Database Conventions & Consistency

    While the Main Database is certainly useful, it does have some major consistency issues regarding how things are named and how things are organized. For example, someone living in Berkeley County WV can hear traffic from VA, WV, MD, and PA. If you do an Add Channels On Range to create a Favorite...
  5. Eric89

    RadioReference App

    I have been thinking of this for a while and really would like to see it happen is creating a RR app that would allow quick access to all the tabs on the page such as fourms, database, classifieds wiki etc... i know there is a mobile page and you can use and tapatalk but an app would be the...
  6. W

    ARCXT: ARC-XT PRO won't connect to RR

    I saw this question come up and was answered in a way that did not help me. I have a subscription to ARC_XT Pro and a premium subscription to Radio reference. When I attempt to connect to Radio Reference via the ARC_XT Pro software I get the faultcode AUTH message. I've verified my username...
  7. H

    Sites like radioreference?

    I wanted to know if there are more websites which broadcast police radio feeds? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. X

    PRO-2096/PRO-106 Question

    Some time ago I bought a PRO-2096, it was preloaded by the local RS store. Recently I added a PRO-106 to my collection, again preloaded by the local RS store. The PRO-106 seems to hear things that my PRO-2096 does not. I assume there are new frequencies/channels in it that aren't in the...