1. WTT: (2) RadioShack Pro-107 Handheld Scanners

    WTT: (2) RadioShack Pro-107 Handheld Scanners I used these for a while when my local PD was on EDACS. They switched to p25 last year and they havent been used much since. I set these up to sell on eBay last year so included is a 32gb thumb drive with the OEM manual, the "easier to read"...
  2. HWG

    PRO-650 programming

    Is ARC404 the only software that will work with the PRO-650 desktop scanner? Is the 20-546 the correct cable I will need? I have a feeling this might be a challenge to find.
  3. S

    WTB: Scanners with Broken Screen

    If anyone is looking to make something back on their scanner with a broken screen or other defects, please contact me as I am interested.
  4. HvyMetal_59

    RadioShack Antenna advice

    Hello. I'm in need of some information on choosing an antenna for my Radio Shack PRO-71. I just acquired a PRO-649. I've been searching for the Radio Shack Center-Loaded telescopic antenna. I do live in a remote area of NW Montana. I have mountains around the area I'm in. Thanks.
  5. F

    RadioShack Intercoms...

    Maybe someone can help me with this. I have RadioShack 43-124 intercoms throughout my house. I recently just picked up a pair of RadioShack 43-3102 intercoms. When I set the same sub-tones, the two do not interact. I know the 43-124's are newer, but what would be the reasoning as to why the...
  6. lucky43113

    Pro 433 any advantage programing with pc?

    My scanner has a pc/if input but so far I have been putting in all the frequencies manually, which is easy. I was just curious if doing it by pc would make any difference.
  7. lucky43113

    Radioshck pro 433 am mode?

    I just bought the pro 433 works great but some of the frequencies i put in need to be on am is that possible with this scanner? They are mil com frequencies they programmed ok but not sure if they are on am or not.
  8. S

    Anecdotal Pro-668 Market Value Observations (ebay)

    I spent about 21 days stalking several saved searches and watch lists on eBay and I was looking for the GRE flavor, the Whistler flavor, and the RadioShack flavor. Ultimately the best value by about USD$100 was a RadioShack 668 probably new but had been opened. Total price at the end of the...
  9. X

    Pro-668: Issues Updating CPU firmware on Windows 10

    I'm having an issue trying to update my CPU firmware on windows 10. I've tried uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling a few times and just repeatedly attempting the update but every time it says "No data recieved from the scanner. Please restart this process (Mode)." I know how to spell...
  10. R

    best base station antenna for receiving all frequencies

    hello all. i happen to have an older radioshack patrolman pro-2025. i am wanting to find a good indoor or any good antenna that i can receive all frequencies with very well. right now with my setups or antennas i have used or cobbled up usually i can receive stuff but some is so badly weak some...
  11. B

    Radioshack Pro-2026 100-channel mobile scanner

    I have a radioshack pro-2026 100-channel mobile scanner and I am trying to program channels into it. So when I press MANUAL, then enter the channel number I want to program, and then I press PROG, it displays Error on the screen. Why is it displaying Error? Can anyone help me?
  12. J

    RadioShack PRO 651 $201

    Just wanted to share, I just purchased a PRO 651 from for $201.69 which seems to be a great deal. I also used coupon code blinqfirst115 and got an additional 10% off. My total was 181.52 with free shipping. Thought you guys might want to grab one while they last
  13. B

    PRO-652 Issues with receiving

    I am new to scanning, and I started out with the PRO-652. I am having no issues with any other talkgroups in my area, or conventional frequencies. I live near Dayton, OH and am trying to receive the county wide talkgroup ( I have all of the RR...
  14. SuperTracker

    UNABLE to hear ANYTHING of Philadelphia Police or Fire on Pro-106 or Pro-197 WIN500

    As far as I know of, being original owner of both a Radioshack Pro-106 and Pro-197, I've downloaded Philadelphia Police and Fire via WIN500 and uploaded them to both scanners and I hear absolutely nothing coming from those active selected lists. I believe both scanners have latest firmware...
  15. T

    Reviews on 800MHz Scanner Antenna with Pro-91

    Hey Guys, I have been looking up the 800MHz Scanner Antenna : Scanner Antennas | on a Pro-91 and I am wondering if anyone has any reviews? Thanks Much, Adrian
  16. T

    Pro-91 Antenna

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a stronger Antenna for my RadioShack Pro-91. The Antenna I would be looking for would be one that will allow me to continue to use the full range of frequencies the scanner was designed for. Any Recommendations? Thanks, Adrian
  17. M

    Realistic TRC-99C

    Okay, so I looked for a spot for other radio stuff, and finally decided to post here. I have a pair of Realistic (RadioShack brand in the 70's) and I was just wondering if anyone had any basic specs on them. What i would like to know really is how many volts do i need to charge them, and how...
  18. A

    Problem with screen of Pro-18 while scanning

    I have a RadioShack Pro-18 issue. While unit is scanning the screen has a garbled mess of various characters. I posted a pic. When it locks on to a frequency it stops and shows what is playing. No issues in menu just while scanning.
  19. C

    1989 Realistic PRO-2024

    Hey all, Just found an old PRO-2024 in our attic. It only works on conventional analog frequencies, is there any way to modify it to use it with EDACS trunked systems? Thanks, Here's what it looks like: On another note, anyone know any conventional...
  20. fivemotorthree


    I picked up a Radio Shack Pro-404 scanner a little while ago, I can't seem to get ANYTHING I program it with. I'm really wanting to pick up Hawthorne Police's dispatch and/or radio traffic. Is distance the problem? ( I'm 20 miles away ) not too far. Is it the scanner or just distance itself??