1. MadDog15

    Does anyone still use CB around the Raleigh area ?

    Does anyone still use CB around the Raleigh area? What channels are you mostly on? What times are you usually on? And what CB radio are you using ? I have recently acquired a Radio Shack TRC-241 and usually am on channels 6, 14, and 19 and I'm on through out the day but I'm especially active...
  2. RaleighGuy

    Raleigh New Unknown Frequencies

    Spent some time out at the Raleigh, NC airport today and heard several new frequencies that could not be identified. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. Voice heard on... 410.325 Nac 352 In-Hospital Patient Transport, Scanner listed as P25 with Nac 408.2375 Nac 352 Hospital...
  3. RaleighGuy

    Raleigh PD on UHF?

    Recently noticed in the RR FCC grants list that Raleigh PD received a license to use six UHF channels: 453..0375 453.0625 453.1375 458..0375 458.0625 458.1375 stating in the application that RADIOS WILL BE USED RADIO TO RADIO AS TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS Has anyone heard them on these freqs or...
  4. BCasto

    Multi Alarm Fire - Raleigh

    15 Story Building fire Raleigh.