1. A

    Some days I receive from 300km's, all others only ~30 ?

    I have frequencies X, Y, Z stored and always scanning them. They're in use 24/7. I have verified myself that they actually work and that they are used, indeed , for what I believe they're used for. So here's the weird thing. Most of the days (98% of the month) my scanner only receives...
  2. A

    BC125AT: Battery Level effecting Receiving?

    (My model is the European BC125AT, the UBC125XLT) Does battery level effect the range that my scanner is receiving, or am I going crazy? I notice that (2.85V being fully charged) when my scanner reaches ~2.4V and lower, I start to get lower receiving range, less talking, etc. Is that...
  3. Salvatorejrc

    Is it possible

    So I currently live in morris county NJ and i want to receive all frequencies coming from Newark Liberty International Airport, which is a county over from me (19 miles from me). It's frequencies should be available under essex county on the RR database. I have an sds100 programmed and...
  4. GadgetGeek

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Range setting

    Hi all, new 436 user. Why is it that when I set range to zero and enter my zip code the scanner loads frequencies from surrounding states?
  5. H

    Range for Baofeng FRS?

    Hello, I am interested in buying these Baofeng FRS radios for my friends and I as some of them are taking an interest in radio and they would all like a way for us to communicate basically using radio at a reasonable price. I am wondering how much I can expect for range, and yes, I am aware that...
  6. C

    How to increase my ems portable range

    Hi, i have a kenwood tk272g transceiver that i use on the job, i take call from home which is about 25 miles from base and i have to keep my portable in a window to receive radio traffic and there are also several dead spots between my home and ems base. Does anyone have suggestions on how to...
  7. C

    Connex maxing out Wilson 5000?

    Ok so I ran a test today where I was driving down a very long straight country road and had a person on a small base station on one end of the road and me driving straight away from them. I started to loose them at between 6-7 miles. I have a connex 33HP-ATC with a Wilson 5000 magnet mount dead...
  8. S

    State Wide Radio GPS Ranges

    Just made an KML file for Google Earth showing all of the tower sites and the 25 mile range assigned to each. If you drive with a GPS attached to your scanner you will find lots of holes where nothing will scan. I'm currently working on revamping some of the sites so they will have larger...
  9. T

    Help me get started

    I have to drive from Phoenix to Telluride this next week. We're taking two cars. I just installed in each car a Midland 5001Z radio with a Cobra magnetic mount antenna. Problem is, the range of the radios is only about .5 miles before all goes to static. I have to believe this is an antenna...
  10. 6

    English & French in use 32.3 MHz

    From home WSW of Denver and later in the mobile, caught some FM traffic on 32.3 MHz today. We have, to the South at about 60 miles, Fort Carson with its range. Further to the South and East (> 130 Miles) there is Pinion Canyon. This frequency is not one of the regular range frequencies in the...
  11. R

    Quick Question about CB Range

    Hey! This is actually my first post on Radioreference.com. I am glad that I finally signed up as I have read many posts that were helpful before, but I have a question that is sort of unique. I was hoping to find a radio service that doesn't requre a license that will reliably communicate 5.5...
  12. mckeeb

    Site range in DB and HomePatrol

    Howdy folks, I finally bought myself a HomePatrol, and now have ALL of Indiana programmed in a scanner (something I could never get done with my 396XT). Upon entering my zip, it loaded up some channels and was off scanning. Sitting next to my 396XT I noticed it spent more time holding on...
  13. W

    700 MHz System in OKC Area?

    I was wondering if someone could help me verify that there is a 700 MHz system in operation in the OKC area. I am picking up a lot of traffic between the 790 through 795 MHz range. At times I am picking up voice communications between 775 through 779 MHz range. A possible control channel is...
  14. D

    Digital Communications Radio System

    I am looking to set up a digital, secure, long distance network where I would have 4 transceivers in cars and a base station. I trust that with digital distance would be really good. - What are my options? - What equipment should I use? - How much will it cost (long and short term) to...
  15. D

    Scenario: Power is interrupted globally; People turn to radios to communicate:

    How do you communicate 5 Miles away, 50 Miles away, and 500 Miles away? Thanks. I have read a lot of posts and there are many thoughtful people.
  16. ST-Bob

    Geotag overlap and options

    Since the advent of GPS-aware scanners geotag data has become important to RR and scanner users. The concept is brilliant but I question the execution. For example, Massachusetts has a large multi-user Motorola SmartZone system for the Mass State Police and other subscribing entities. This...
  17. D

    Advice on two way radio range

    One of the most common questions customers at IntercomsOnline.com ask me is how far will a two-way radio or wireless intercom communicate. As you know this isn't an easy question to explain, especially to someone who knows little about the issue. So I attempted to write an article about it to...
  18. M

    MAG-One BPR40 in snow?

    Has anyone used the Moto BPR40 in snow? is it waterproof and reliable? Which has a shorter antenna the UHF or the VHF version? Which would have the longer range in the the mountian? Thanks, Moshe
  19. 8

    Antenna Effectiveness

    Hey all I have been researching antennas for prospective scanner I am looking to buy, ideally I want a handheld for my car and rig a magnetic mount antenna on the trunk, though is it worth it? What is the range of handheld antennas?
  20. del1964

    Camp Atterbury Range Control

    Just wanted to let everyone know that may live close to Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, IN that range control is a very active frequency. 138.0375 broadcasting in the clear. Radio checks required every hour at the bottom of every hour. Heard them talking about "UAV" today and about being careful...