1. K

    Anytone Anytone AT-D868UV on RAS

    So I heard some rumors that the Anytone will work on RAS systems with no problem as long as you use Digi Moni. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  2. B

    TRX-2: DMR with RAS

    I am having trouble scanning a DMR conventional frequency with RAS. I can hear transmissions perfectly when I do a "Tune Mode Search" and enable DMR on that frequency (No other changes to defaults). If I save that to an object, and monitor that object, I cannot hear anything (Transmissions...
  3. Freqed

    Monitoring DMR system with issues

    Not sure why several of us TRX users are having issues with a local DMR system when other Uniden users report none. I have tried unsuccessfully to monitor the system as have others but to no avail. I tried using spectrum sweeper but got nothing on the systems listed freqs, but picked up other...