Monitoring DMR system with issues

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Jan 30, 2003
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Not sure why several of us TRX users are having issues with a local DMR system when other Uniden users report none. I have tried unsuccessfully to monitor the system as have others but to no avail. I tried using spectrum sweeper but got nothing on the systems listed freqs, but picked up other DMR traffic in that range. I even entered the systems freqs as conventional and got hits on the freqs in MotoTrbo squawk so I am seeing activity, just unable to decode it. A local Uniden user is reporting no issues with the system but does advise that DSD in not showing an RAS flag. Is the missing RAS flag causing the TRX issue of being unable to decode or monitor the system?

Taken from the Oklahoma Thread:

I pick up river spirt fine on both my BCDx36 scanners using the RRDB. RRDB is fine on the River Spirit Casino. I am picking it up with no problems. DSD doesn't show the RAS flag either for the frequencies.
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