1. S

    Alberta RCMP Sheriff changing radio system??

    I've been listening to the RCMP in northern Alberta for a few years now and it seems they have changed radio systems. I think the new system that they have moved to is encrypted. If there is any news on this please let me know.
  2. S

    rcmp scanning

    I am interested in getting a scanner that can hear everything! Used to have one years ago that I could hear rcmp, fire, ambulance, and mb hydro (for some reason). Can anyone reccomend a scanner with these capabilities please? Or let me know if this even still possible? thank you
  3. wireless1978

    Jamie Davis Towing

    Is anyone streaming Jamie Davis Towing or any other Coquihalla Highway radio comms online? Also, do the truckers in Canada use CBs or some other form of comms?
  4. Muffin


    Apparently the RCMP are all Encrypted throughout the majority of BC now. Or are they?? Interesting to note that in Chilliwack the RCMP are dispatched on what RRDS has listed as M4 (139.350) and I hear them fine with my new RadioShack digital iScan. My dad only hears the raw data on his older...
  5. Deziel0495

    RCMP Canada Wide 420 MHz Frequencies

    I'm not sure about other provinces, but here in PEI the RCMP use the 420 MHz frequencies for special use and for interop with neighbouring provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. All use is P25 and encrypted. Even though RCMP are moving to the P25 trunk system in NS and PEI, I've heard from...
  6. S

    Help Me Plz with setting location for BCD436HP

    I live in Goose Bay , Labrador and I just purchased my first scanner, a Uniden BCD436HP. The postal code search do not recognize this place, so I entered the Long & Lat. Not having any luck with anything becides Coast Guard Radio and a couple CB Hits. Is there anyone in the area that can hep me...
  7. V

    Unencrypting RCMP digital P25 signals

    The Campbell River RCMP has now switched to digital P25 encrypted radio communications. I have access to a Uniden BCD396XT scanner. I know the NAC is 430, because that's what it says when I have the radio scan for it. When I enter the NAC, nothing changes (It sounds like a burst of audio). Will...
  8. T

    7 Mile Ridge Repeater Site

    Hello Fellow Radio Folks, I'm wondering if any of you would know the whereabouts of the 7 Mile Ridge Repeater Site. I was out for a drive last night and saw a radio tower located in Saint Arthur, which is about 9.5 Km SW of Campbellton, NB. I had a hunch that it may be it, being the large...
  9. C

    Whitecourt Alberta, RCMP frequencies?

    Does anyone know of the frequencies that are used by the RCMP in Whitecourt, Alberta? I have programmed a number of suggested frequencies, but have not heard any radio communication. Maybe frequencies from Fox Creek would work too? Thanks Cam