1. K

    Radio Mounting Hardware Identification / Recommendation

    I'm trying to mount my President McKinley radio in my 2019 Subaru Ascent. I'd like to mount it in the least destructive way possible while being able to easily remove it. I found the mounting setup in the picture on a Subaru Ascent forum but the guy failed to respond when I asked what hardware...
  2. xantegh


    Gents, Before I click that button for my second purchase of a BCT15X, I would like to get your opinion about the performance of this specific scanner as I might not be noticing some of the issues that others are currently facing or I may face later. Additionally, I'm afraid that the rating on...
  3. T

    Beginner CW HF transceiver

    Hello. I have my technician license and I am studying for my general license. I am thinking about getting an HF radio (within the next couple of months). I have also been learning CW and I can do most of the characters. Because of this I would be interested in an radio that would work with CW...
  4. Danny37

    Indoor scanner recommendation

    Hello, I was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. First off, I recently moved to an apartment that has very strict restrictions and I can't mount any antenna outside the window or on the roof, I can't even have an ac unit in the window because it looks "bad" and ruins the...
  5. W

    Best portable to match with home patrol

    Have the HP1 and love it but it is a tad to bulky to carry, so I would like to get another portable to use with similar features or at least some ease of use. My wish list is that it can download and hold lists, and that it gets the same radio systems as HP, and finally you don't need a masters...
  6. Tungsten

    Scanner choice for Houston and Cy-Fair?

    Howdy All, I'm looking to try scanning for the first time, so I'm brand new. I've been doing a lot of reading about it, particularly trying to decide which scanner should be my first purchase. I live in the Cy-Fair district in NW Harris county, near SH 249 (Tomball Pkwy) and FM 1960, zip code...