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    Looking to purchase a new scanner. Hoping for suggestions that fit my lifestyle best.

    I am currently living fulltime RVing. I spend almost all of my time in small rural mountain towns (obviously I move around a lot but I do not often stay overnight anywhere I can not boondock). I am wanting to purchase a nicer quality scanner that will work well on the road as well as come in...
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    DMR - Wildcard Talkgroup

    Hello, I've seen mention of people using Talkgroup 167776415 (Hex: FFFCDF) as a "wildcard" talkgroup in their G5s. I've been trying to get this working and haven't had any luck. The only way I can get DMR working at all is to specify the discrete talkgroups that I'm interested in monitoring...
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    Going to Washingston DC

    I might be going to down town Washington DC soon and I am thinking about bringing my BCD396xt. (1) From the RadioReference database I can see a lot of different things to listen to, so I am wondering what some good/interesting frequencies might be to listen to. Any suggestions? (2) Are there...
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    First radio for newly licensed

    I didn't know if I should ask here or if I should ask in the New User forum (it seems like this forum is more for scanner questions, but please move it if it fits better there.) I wanted to learn more about amateur radio and so I have been studying for the Technician license exam. Recently I...
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    HP-1: Need External Speaker Recommendations

    I need an external speaker recommendations for my Home Patrol Scanner. I need something I can listen to from across the room. what external speakers have worked out best for you?
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    Recommended base scanners?

    Hi there, I was looking for a new scanner and want to hear from anybody on what they recommend for a good base scanner and antenna that could pick up frequencies around 25 miles in distance from me, I live in Mundelein, IL. Thanks for any recommendations.