1. K

    R7100 clicking sound

    I recently picked up an IC-R7100 that works fine except for an irritating random clicking inside, which I'm assuming may be the relay. I am monitoring air bands below 380 MHz, so the relay should not be closing, and the reception is not affected by the clicking. I have had several R7100s before...
  2. w5dac

    Minn Center - Repeating/relaying traffic ???

    Anyone else notice that Minn Ctr has recently begun repeating traffic from one freq onto another. I don't have the actual freqs right now, but I can say that while monitoring one of their freqs, the controller asks the aircraft to come up on some other freq. So I monitor both the original and...
  3. A

    Ignition Relay

    I need a relay for my radio equipment. This is how it has to work...I turn on my key, all my equipment comes on. I have one spot on my fuse box for the relay trigger. I have 3 items I need to turn on...A Motorola CDM1250, Uniden BCT15, and a GPS. Any ideas?