1. D


    Okay i'm a newbie and just got my GMRS license to start and im using chirp to program baofeng 888 radio. I'm trying to input GMRS standard repeaters 15-22 and not sure i understand. I thought i had to transmit on one channel and then physically switch channels to RX frequency to listen. Seems...
  2. W

    Echolink radio remote into repeater system

    Hi All, I have installed a Kenwood TM-V71A to provide a remote Echolink feed into my repeater. The problem is that the TM-V71A isn't recognizing or processing over the air DTMF commands. I can call into the radio from a phone or computer with no issues, but not the reverse. I have done the...
  3. K


    Can someone direct me in how to use repeater to extend the range of my baofeng uv-82 i can use chirp to program just don’t know how to setup using local repeaters
  4. Bruce42

    Who Makes Low Band Base Stations Now?

    Recently CODAN (Daniels) gave up making low band radios, Midland's LMR folded up this week, Motorola quit years ago, RELM, now BK, doesn't show any on their website so the situation is getting ugly. It doesn't look like any American-based company is serving low band. Can anyone help me to find...
  5. W

    Active repeaters in Kansas City MO and KS

    Hey, I will be spending 2 weeks in Kansas city, Mo and Ks and I was hoping for some hints about 440 repeaters which are active in that area. It would be nice to get some people to talk to while I am there and in the car :-) Thanks in advance for the suggestions. 73
  6. B

    Portable Area Communication Repeaters (PAC-RT)

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Has this technology ceased being used or has it been replaced? If so, by what? I have a similar, yet different application for this, but everything I see online is kinda old PAC-RT Vehicular Repeater System (H14TTY for HT220), page 126...
  7. f40ph

    ANF Service net sites

    I'm looking at the wiki and ANF site maps but can't figure out how many ANF service net sites there are. I had assumed they existed everywhere they had Forest and Admin net repeaters but that doesn't seem to be the case. TIA.
  8. radioboy75

    Mutual Aid repeater?

    Does anyone know anything about repeaters on Mutual Aid -- 155.475? I guess I thought that was frowned on, but I've heard morse code ID's on that frequency from time to time, so I would imagine it's a repeater. The one I'm almost sure I heard today is Woodbury County (Sioux City). I guess the...
  9. K

    how to cut the radials on a Laird Radial Kit.

    i am looking for a cutting chart for the UHF GMRS band in order to use my mobile antenna as my base GMRS setup for on top of my tower when i get it up at the new place. i have the Laird B-4505C that i want to use for all 8 GMRS channels mostly on a repeater and doing some simplex work.
  10. N

    Info Needed on Detailed Repeater Locations

    Fellow Hams, I am in the process of putting together a map type list of repeaters in Indiana, specifically central Indiana. Marion County and surrounding, Johnson and surrounding counties. I would like to pick each of your brains a little. If you know of a repeater and its location please share...
  11. G

    RepeaterBook announces new iPhone app

    The World's Free Repeater Apps now available for iPhone and Android The Free Repeater Directory App for USA, Canada, and Mexico. RepeaterBook enables you to easily find repeaters across the USA, Canada, and Mexico for free, and without a network connection. RepeaterBook mobile apps are...
  12. T

    TK-270 low audio on repeaters

    I bought a TK-270 today at a Hamfest, and have just programmed the local VHF repeaters into it, as well as two MURS channels I use. (Murs channels set at low power to comply with power requirements) The problem I have is on the local repeaters, I'm being told my audio is very low, and sometimes...
  13. D

    W4RAT Repeaters 70cm working?

    I'm new at this so please excuse me if this is obvious and I don't get it. I've been working the 146.28/88 W4RAT repeater and it is coming in loud and clear. I also set up the 442.55/447.55 with the same PL 74.4 MHz as a CTCSS and as a + offset. When I key up 146.28 I get a beep when I'm done...
  14. K

    Tx NXDN VHF/UHF repeaters

    I have a two Kenwood NXDN repeaters on the air for a while. 145.2700- and 440.6250+, both using 6.25 kHz NXDN requiring RAN 13. They are in EM00th, near Johnson City, TX. Anyone in the area is welcome to try them. You can usually hit them from the higher locations in Austin. Both are sometimes...
  15. T

    In vehicle repeaters or????

    My dept responds to some remote areas. Our portable radios do not reach back to the dispatch center and we need to relay thru the fire apparatus. I wanted to put repeaters or a extender in the apparatus so they would act like a repeater for the portables, Does anyone have a setup like this? Our...
  16. A

    how up to date is this site on GMRS repeaters?

    Just wondering from you old timers if this site is up to date with its information on repeaters. can anyone advise me? Amateur and GMRS radio repeaters in New-York
  17. A

    FDNY confusion?

    Okay I know the old system was on VHF but are the firefighters Transmiting on VHF Repeaters or the UHF Repeaters. I'd assume there transmiting on the UHF since they always use their UHF fireground 486.1125 frequency. the last time I looked at a Firefighters belt i saw some kind of motorola xts...
  18. P

    Suffolk County Repeaters

    does anyone have a list of repeaters throughout suffolk for medcom and firecom. i know that there are several out there ..... i do not see them listed
  19. B

    gmrs Repeater help please!

    I am seeking some help on a uniden ARU 250K repeater, mods if this is the wrong place or there is a better place please move, thanks. I have the manual for the repeater but am having trouble tuning it. I am lloking for advice on how to tune and set it up. I am not going to be using the repeater...
  20. R

    FS: Free 2-meter Frequency Charts for 33 states!

    From WA1ZMQ: Website: - hit bottom URL. 33 states completed, most interstate highways completed. Order from These display field-tested repeaters by town/city separated by approx 50 miles. For example we have done I-95 from Ft Kent Maine to Key West...