1. R

    LPE-200 battery contacts

    I have an LPE 200 and one of the battery contacts appears to be broken. It is only about 10% of the length of the other 2 pins. It is the +ve battery contact on the radio itself. Anyone got some tips for how to fix? Thanks, Rob
  2. B

    How to replace glass on Yaesu VX7R

    Hi, I bought a replacement glass for my broken display glass window on a Yaesu VX7R, including the double sided tape. When trying to remove the old glass with the crack, I found it is very tightly stuck with the old tape. (Of course I removed the plastic cover with the screws first). I can...
  3. 93Nav

    ICOM R1, Internal 300mA battery, how long should it run?

    Hello, I just replaced the internal battery on my ICOM R1 and was wondering how long it should last before it needs recharging. The battery is a 300mA 7.2 nicad pack. After I got it I charged it for 14 to 16 hours using the ICOM charger and then set it on a FM station and let it run until the...
  4. J

    Uniden 396T Rotary Knob Replacement question

    I just ordered a new rotary knob for my 396T which was skipping and not sticking to the channels I selected. Anyone know exactly how to replace it at home? I don't want to pay Uniden $60 to repair it, the part was only $10. I'm not sure how to remove the old one.