road trip

  1. B

    Newb in Ohio - up against a time constraint

    Good Morning! So a friend and I are taking a road trip across the country soon and he asked me to program his scanner while he is working on other vehicle aspects. Sure! Why Not! Can't be that hard! - or so I thought. I have years of experience in CB radios, Alarms, Remote Starters, etc, so I...
  2. kg4ojj

    Road Trip Report: Macon to Augusta

    Howdy, Some of you may benefit from my recent road trip through Macon (Bibb County) and up to Augusta (Richmond County). This is a list of what I heard. Many of the recordings (via my TRX-2 and/or G5) were 1-2 seconds long and made it impossible to tell the user. I'll let the locals confirm...
  3. Z

    Picking a suitable antenna

    First post here, so hopefully I've picked the correct section. I picked up a Uniden BCD436HP a while back and absolutely love it. I've been using it with the factory rubber ducky antenna with little issues. Works perfectly when I go to racing events, works great when I'm in the city. The issue...
  4. C

    East Coast Road Trip

    Planing a Road trip down the east coast(CT to FL) any suggestions on Frequencies I should have in the scanner. Mine is not a digital one.