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    Gain and AGC controls in SDRuno

    This video explains in detail how the Gain and AGC controls work in SDRuno in conjunction with the RSP family of SDRs from SDRplay:
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    SoapySDRplay has now been updated to include support for the SDRplay RSP1A

    SoapySDRplay has now been updated to include support for the RSP1A. Vincent Sonnier also helped to make some improvements to CubicSDR for the RF gain display. Antenna selection for the RSP2 in CubicSDR has also been improved. See** for details.
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    SDRuno version 1.21 was released yesterday

    SDRplay has just released an update to SDRuno - version 1.21 is now out. It includes a number of improvements and bug fixes to the recent major upgrade - Version 1.2 These include: 1. Restored VFO button for centring of the VFO on the SP1 display 2. Changed the default step size for...
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    SDR-Console support for SDRplay RSP1 and now RSP2

    SDR-Console Preview V3 Version 5 was released today and provides full support for the SDRplay RSP1 and the new features included in the RSP2. It makes use of the very latest SDRplay API and can be downloaded from V3 Preview Downloads Many thanks to Simon Brown for this superb effort
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    SDRplay announces the RSP2

    SDRplay Limited has today announced the launch of a second Software Defined Radio product – the RSP2. "Building on the popularity of our first product, the RSP1, we have now launched the RSP2. The RSP2 delivers a significant number of additional features which result in a higher spec for...