1. K

    Radio location possible with multiple RTL-SDR's?

    I have a thought I want to throw out here. I am wondering how difficult it would be for a group of us to use RTL-SDR’s to receive signals from our various locations and upload the signal strength to a web site that would analyze and map transmitter locations in near real-time. It would be...
  2. E

    Modify/Revive old RTL stick (part 1)

    Modify/Revive old RTL stick I bought 2 of these inexpensive RTL sticks for just over $12 each almost 3 years ago. IEIK SDRICE RTL-SDR FM DAB DVB-T USB Stick Set with RTL2832U & R820T Great SDR for SDR# ADS-B Receiver Set Radio Compatible ICE Input...
  3. B

    Looking to up grade my SDR witha few $$$$

    Right now I have the 22$ adafruit rafeal SDR that gets really hot. I'm looking to do: 1.Listen watch aircraft landing using windows and the google maps app where it like actually seeing out the cockpit in real time. SUPER COOL!{for dorks} 2. Listen to ~1MHz to thirty MHz then try to decode...
  4. cybersec

    RTL-SDR Antennas

    Hello! I'm a bit of a newbie here and with SDR in general, but I had a question about RTL-SDR dongles. From what I've heard and read so far, RTL-SDR dongles are the cheapest way of getting into SDR while still having a fairly quality product. I impulse-bought a dongle a few months ago when I...
  5. R

    DSD in Edmonton

    Hi all. Got my first RTL dongle a couple of weeks ago. It is now installed and providing ADS-B feeds to PlanePlotter, FlightRadar24.com & PlaneFinder.net. Since that one is tied up, I've ordered 2 more which should arrive later this week. The goal for the next 2 RTL-SDR devices is to...